Black-Owned Atlanta Date Ideas: Aura Photography, Beekeeping, Graffiti Art & More

Traveling with your spouse or significant other is a perfect way to add a fun or relaxing dose of quality time to your relationship.

While a dinner and movie night may be the norm when you’re dating back at home, stepping out in a new city begs for something different and unexpected. 

(Pro tip: search Airbnb Experiences in the city you’re visiting to discover a variety of out-of-the-box, local date activities. This popular lodging app offers way more than a home away from home these days!) 

On your next romantic getaway to Atlanta, shake things up with these five unique date ideas from around the city.

Dabble in beekeeping with your honey at Bean’s Bees and Honey

Before you suit up in protective gear to get up close and personal with a couple hives, Bean’s Bees and Honey owner and Certified Beekeeper Edward Morgan disarms any fears with an in-depth, engaging presentation about the mind-blowing secret life of bees. (Did you know the average life of a bee is only 45 days, but the queen bee can live up to three years? Or that the queen bee herself fertilizes the larvae and decides whether baby bees grow into male drones, female worker bees, or other queens?)

This intro to beekeeping closes with a delicious, immunity-building honey tasting, and if you’re lucky, he’ll also give you a quick tour around the rest of his farm.

Book your Bean’s Bees and Honey date here!

Watch your love glow with a couple’s aura photography session at 7Studios

Have you ever been interested in learning more about your aura? In case you’ve never heard of an aura, Merriam-Webster defines it as “an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being.” Aura photography is an innovative technology that can capture the colors of your auric field based on your feelings, experiences, and energy when the portrait is taken—it’s quite an emotionally intimate experience to share with your partner!

Here’s a snippet on how it works from the Atlanta aura photographers at 7Studios:

“Our unique camera uses a human-computer interface composed of both hardware and software to capture a representation of your aura. The AuraCam gathers data from you with hand sensors that take electro-dermal and temperature readings. Using a proprietary algorithm, a representation of aura colors are then projected onto your headshot.”

Book a couple’s aura photography session with 7studios to fill both of your cups far beyond the brim. Owner and multi-disciplinary artist Allaisia Cotton creates a safe and welcoming atmosphere in addition to a rare photography experience that is soul nourishing, grounding, and affirming.

After you sit for your photo and your individual and joint film develops (in just minutes), Allaisia shares in-depth interpretations of the colors, lights, and patterns that form your aura. The reading offers shockingly accurate insights on your current station in life, both personally and as a couple, and even offers a forward-looking glimpse (but not in a fortune-telling sense) into where life and love may be carrying you next.

Let your creativity shine with Graffiti Art Class ATL

Skip the run-of-the-mill paint and sip dates and rattle your creative juices with Malcolm Creations and his immersive Graffiti Art Class ATL.

Explore spray paint techniques and put your new skills on display with a collaborative mural on the Atlanta Beltline, a public art gallery of sorts that’s filled with incredible graffiti of all scales and styles. Class kicks-off with brief introductions and background info on a few of the artists featured prominently along the Atlanta Beltline. All skill levels are welcome (even kids as young as nine if you decide to come back with the family).

Reconnect and find your Zen over herbal teas at Just Add Honey

Honestly, Just Add Honey Tea Company should be one of your first stops as soon as you hit the city. 

There is truly something special and magical about this Black-owned gem, founded by husband and wife-team Jermail and Brandi Shelton. Whether you want to catch up with friends, share some private time together, or find a bit of serendipity, you’ll find that and more at this intimate space, nestled off-the-beaten path and just minutes away from the bustle of downtown Atlanta.

You can’t go wrong with the range of exotic herbal and wellness teas available at Just Add Honey.  For coffee drinkers, try a cup of their Honey Lavender Latte. Their intricate brewery process makes a huge difference in taste and is a wonder to be appreciated.

Please do yourself a favor and drop in at 684 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue NE!

Enjoy some retail therapy at The Village Market

Before you wrap up your Atlanta getaway, be sure to stop by one of the city’s premier Black woman-owned shopping destinations, The Village Market!

Whether you want to grab some goodies for yourselves or gifts to take back home, they offer a wide selection of options, from hats and socks, crewnecks and camo jackets to skin and hair care, kids toys and fashion, Black art and books, plus more.

The icing on the cake? Every vendor in the store is a 100% Black-owned company.

Stop by their 2nd floor retail space at Ponce City Market or shop online at!

What are some of your favorite date experiences in Atlanta? Give us the details in the comments below!

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