Casual Crabbing with Tia in Charleston, S.C.

Casual Crabbing with Tia

Another day, another Black-owned day date!

Shoutout to our guy KJ at Black Food Fridays for putting us on to our new favorite pastime in Charleston, S.C.

Charleston native and former food and beverage boss Tia Clark is the queen around town when it comes to crabbing. From teaching us how to throw a cast net and set traps to catch different crab and shrimp, to showing us how to scoop ’em up without losing a finger and how to tell the difference between male and female crabs, Tia is a masterful teacher. 

If you’re down with fresh seafood, or just looking for a dope way to get active on the water without swimming or boating, book your own private or group experience at—tell her Journey Black Home sent you!

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