Art, Food & Hoodoo: How to Spend 24 Hours in New Orleans

We made the most of our 24 hours in New Orleans and will definitely be giving it a round two with a lot more time in the near future!

After leaving Columbia thirteen hours later than we planned, driving through the night, and arriving at our Nola Airbnb at 10 AM (two hours before checkout), the first thing we did for our bodies was rest up, then fuel up!

Black-owned The Antidote Juice came all the way through to help us rejuvenate after ten hours on the road. Glass-bottled, fresh-pressed juices, shots, and plant-based milks… 10/10 would recommend! 

It’s no secret (to us, at least) that we’re still living in a global pandemic, so our health and wellness are even more of a priority as we #JourneyBlackHome. We’ve committed to making wise choices while we’re out on the road, and we’ll be sharing how we do that as we navigate around the country, too.

Much love to Vegan wit a Twist and @originalthought_nola for making it easy to eat Black-owned AND plant-based in the city. Thanks to the good people at Haus of Hoodoo for our custom condition oils to keep us lifted and protected on this journey. 

There were so many more places we wanted to explore, like @studio_be_ and @themckennamuseums, but we had to keep it pushing to our next destination.

What are your top recommendations for things we can’t miss on our next Nola trip?

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