Exploring Black History & Culture in Texas with Black Austin Tours

When you think of Austin, Texas, in March is SXSW all that really comes to mind?

We slid through after our time in LA and couldn’t let another visit to the city come to an end without linking up with @blackaustintours.

Creator and guide Javier Wallace is a Native Austinite whose family has lived in the Austin area for almost two hundred years—they arrived as enslaved African people when Texas was still a part of Mexico in the early 1830s.

From learning about the Second Middle Passage and Mexico’s role in funding slavery in Texas to walking East Austin’s historically Black district and learning powerful local Black stories, we 1000% understand why Travel and Leisure named Javier one of the best tour guides in the world.

Whether you’re making plans to visit Austin for the upcoming Afro Tech conference this fall or plan to hit SXSW next year, visit blackaustintours.com to book Javier’s award-winning tour experience and tap in with the local culture!

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